Different types of porn watcher


There is a certain range of people who love watching porn and depending on the references and their frequency of watching free porn videos and they can be categorized into three types. Most of them can be considered to be affected while many of them are just casual viewers. There is a huge difference when it comes to one viewer's choice to another viewer and to be precise it is not much healthy for your relationship or brain.


Recreational viewers: So if you are a porn watcher who prefers watching it in an occasional period, then you are considered to be a recreational viewer. So you will be watching porn for just a few hours or on a weekly basis. People watch it for entertainment or sexual stimulation and not just any substitution for their love or social life.


Sexually compulsive watcher: This type of people will be watching the porn videos that are much more advanced and not like the beginner's ones and they have been watching it for several years now. So, irrespective of the type of emotion that they are feeling at the moment they will be finding porn for escaping any of it, be it anger, sadness or even boredom. This type of people will be dealing with their regular life by watching internet porn as a way of dealing with issues as they are very private and convenient nowadays.


At risk porn watcher: This type of people will be watching pornography on a regular basis and it has become a habit for them. So one cannot compare them with the compulsive ones because they won't be addicted to it, but they have already built a very strong and regular routine of watching Lana Rhoades porn videos or similar ones. This type of people have previously tried to stop this habit but was unsuccessful.


Depending on the type of viewer you are, it can highly affect your life in certain ways. It is quite similar to some addictive behavior or substance. Most of the people find watching porn as a real life thing and they lose the touch with reality which in turn makes them dissatisfied with everything that is related to their love life or partner. So you must know what to watch and went to stop.

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